Top 5 Most Popular Places to Visit in Uganda

Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” is great country in many ways which is why many travelers enjoy vacations each day. The country is adorable for all kinds of holidays including family, sole, private and group. Did you know it’s also perfect for both luxury travelers and backpackers who are interested in taking safaris in Uganda. With improved access to the country’s most remote areas, Uganda is steadily improving tourism. The country is now well connected with good road networks from the city to main tourist attractions! Whether you’re seeking for wildlife, mountain gorillas, birds, chimpanzees or culture, just pick a perfect tourist attraction or national park and you will find it all. Here are the most popular destinations to visit in Uganda.

Source of the Nile

There is no relaxing place for a weekend gateways or short day trips in Uganda like the source of the Nile in Jinja. The Nile has variety to offer beyond its origin like bird watching, fishing, local cultural dances, souvenirs and historical stories that guides narrate during the boat ride around the lake and at the start point of the Nile. Perhaps this is one of the incredible places that every visitor should explore on any trip to Uganda. The scenic ride from Kampala the capital is another tourist attraction itself because of what you see on the way. Mabira forest, Sezibwa falls, Owen falls Dam, sugarcane plantations etc. is all that will take you’re a tension.

Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda is a land of lakes which makes it hard to escape lakes, rivers and waterfalls in various tourist attractions. Murchison falls is another amazing place to enjoy for those seeking for superb game viewing places, chimpanzee trekking and bird watching. The park is ideal for family trips, honeymoon, and group tours. Murchison falls is Uganda’s largest game reserve and a home to all the big five. While here you will feed your eyes  on many  mammals, wildlife, birds, primates and the might falls beauty. The park is accessed by road but a ferry is used as you approach the park main area from Masindi. A wildlife safari to Murchison falls is one you will never forget about your wonderful holiday to Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Found in Kasese district in a five hour drive distance from Kampala, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a place to visit for those seeking to see tree climbing lions, hippos, crocodiles, bird life, primates and wildlife. All the park attractions can be explored by morning and evening game drives, boat cruise on the Kazinga channel the water that joins Lake Edward and Lake George, Chimpanzee trekking and nature walks. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most visited places in Uganda and a place to include on your Uganda safari holiday.

Kibale Forest

There is no shortage of primate species in the Chimpanzee capital of Kibale forest the most populated chimpanzee trekking ground in Africa. Chimpanzee habituation is another experience that tourists enjoy in this park provided if one want to spend a all day in company of different primate species with chimps as the main species of the day. Kibale forest has the perfect rain forest that holds over 13 primate species. However, primate lovers make it a point to explore this beautiful park.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

A superb gorilla trekking safari destination in western Uganda and place to experience a life of mountain gorillas in the wilderness. This is paradise for many tourists to the country and it’s a home to Uganda’s main tourist attraction that is shared with Mgahinga forest, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Congo. Now days Bwindi Forest is part of the great examples of wildlife conservation that shine to the world and the best gorilla safari destination in Africa. However, give it a try for great gorilla safari experience.

Lake Bunyonyi Island

The Island is magical with something for everyone no matter what you looking for. The top tourist activities include, boat ride, swimming, hiking, bird watching, sun bathing, community walks and the eye catching views that keep following you everywhere. Among the 29 islands, four are the most visited due to their unique features, and wildlife. Some have safari lodges that make your trip awesome. Imagine spending a night in the middle of a Lake surrounded by lake water and nature. Make sure you spend one to three days on this island and forget all the life worries.

Self Driving Uganda: All You Need to Know

Uganda is a place one would wish to self drive and experience the bumpy surface roads through the lush green tropical savanna woodland. The fact that Uganda is ranked among the top travel destinations in the world, one would you clearly give an excuse to drive in Uganda behind the wheels. It is joyful, full of pleasure especially if you are to the pearl of Africa for the first time. A self drive to the proclaimed impenetrable forest a home to the mountain gorillas is so special for self drivers in Uganda. Everybody would like to be part to what identifies Uganda in color, indeed  a visit of the gorillas  in the south describes Uganda’s self drive trip. Below is a little advice for travelers intending to take self drive safaris in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa;

Be confident on the road

As a self driver you need to be strong, courageous and confident while on the road. Do not be over powered by the rest of the road users especially speedy drivers. Focus and concentrate on your car to go forward. A driver who does not trust in himself or herself is likely to cause accidents while on the road and lead to loss of lives and damage to the car in Uganda. A confident driver on Ugandan roads will perfectly make  good results of him/ her because it is not easy to drive  on roads that are mostly narrow and un surfaced in some parts of Uganda bearing pot holes.

Follow the traffic rules

Almost everybody will remind the driver to be vigilant with the traffic especially in the city and high ways. They are key determinant to make someone a better self-driver in Uganda.  Respect the traffic lights whenever you meet them and the signpost along the highways are so important to a driver. Other traffic rules include, do over speed, do not over load the car, drive a car when sober and avoid any thing that may destruct your attention while on the road like telephones. A self driver that follows the traffic rules is worthy to save the lives of people in transit of the car from rental companies in Uganda.

Always be smart and neat

Smartness matters wherever you go. A smart driver is assumed smart on the road. It gives you the impression on moving forward with a car in Uganda. Not only the driver should be smart, also the vehicle should be clean to attract other people in the car and become comfortable with the environment.

Lastly, as self drivers make sure that the car ready to use is in good condition to complete yourself drive trip in Uganda without complains of mechanics. The fuel must be enough to complete the journey and as well maintaining the fluids in the car to a maximum. This softens the car and becomes simpler to drive as a self-motivated driver in Uganda.

Driving in Uganda is just made easy through car rental companies where everybody is able drive as long you meet some simple requirements like  a driving permit in Uganda.