NRM Government is Corrupt to the Core

When whistle-blowers revealed that Tutsi and Tutsified Ugandans were dominating strategic sections of Uganda economy and society especially the ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of finance, private sector and security forces, they were threatened with arrest and prosecution or worse for breach of anti-sectarian law which was designed to protect those that practice sectarianism.

In 2002, the anti-terrorism law with a broad definition has made it even more difficult to speak out against any NRM wrong doing. Consequently corruption has gathered speed and the most corrupt officials continue in power. Scholarships go to Tutsi. Good jobs go to Tutsi. Embassy jobs go to Tutsi. International jobs go to Tutsi. Some Tutsi in embassies even refuse to go home when their tour of duty is over. Who is allowing all these things to happen?

Commenting on these things is not sectarianism. It is a national security issue that every patriotic Ugandan should be alarmed about. We are losing Uganda if we don’t act quickly. With land slipping out of Uganda peasants and the prime minister has threatened to hand over land to large farmers who will mostly be outsiders since indigenous Ugandans don’t have the kind of money to buy large chunks of land, with Ugandans getting education that can’t get them jobs, the future of Uganda for Ugandans is very bleak indeed.
That is why the issue of leadership becomes crucial. It is not nnugu to ask questions about how party leaders are chosen as some have reasoned. It is patriotism. We have to be careful whom we pick. People who have been in NRM since it was created and have shifted to FDC can’t change their methods of exploitation to focus on developing the people. This is another mistake that if we don’t correct we shall regret it.

Uganda has received over $30 billion in donations (free money), Ugandans in the disapora send home every year about $1 billion. Uganda was the first country to get debt relief so that the savings fund education, healthcare and infrastructure. Uganda export earnings improved by diversifying exports including foodstuffs that were traditionally consumed at home. Uganda also gets soft loans including from the World Bank and other sources besides ordinary loans. The government boasts it has increased tax revenue collection. Where has all this money gone? Why are we still a third world country soon to become a fourth world with all this money?
Economic growth and per capita income the Human Development Report for 2013 praised has not reduced poverty. Over 50 percent of Ugandans are still trapped in absolute poverty, meaning that they can’t afford basic needs of food in a country that exports food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare.

Let me touch on another sad point. The Uganda building in New York that houses Uganda embassy is largely rented and collects a lot of money every month. One wonders why it can’t be repaired. This building has become a national disgrace. The exterior is in embarrassing shape – it needs repair urgently. At one time one of the two elevators was not repaired for about a year, if not longer. The heating system in winter is below normal requirement.

The building is situated next to the new American embassy building and the well kept United Nations Plaza building and it sits opposite the new South Korea embassy building.
Someone told me subject to confirmation that the building has been deliberately neglected to create an excuse to sell it and possibly pocket the money. It was also understood that Uganda had a house in New York for Uganda’s ambassador to the UN. If it is true why do Uganda Ambassadors hire expensive residences? The ministry of foreign affairs should clarify these issues.

I have copied this message to the Uganda mission to the United Nations in New York for its necessary action.